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"Mogilev Region – new prospects for investing"

7th OCTOBER 2010,MOGILEV, Belarus


Mogilev Region Executive Committee
UE "Mogilev Brunch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry"

The investment projects in fields of agriculture, energetics, urban-planning, industrial production and information about sail and lease of commercial property and ground areas will be presented to you.

You will be able to take part in the work of sections:

- Food industry

The Mogilev Region is the easternmost region of Belarus located at the internal border of customs union and it gives an added level of comfort to its residents.
On the 7th of October we’ll discuss the questions of development and privatization of such segments of the food industry as: production of oil, pet food, bottling of mineral water, fresh-water fish farming and pig farming. These areas have high competitive opportunities for our region.

- Alternative energetics

The chosen path for the modernization of Fuel & Energy Complex of the country with the usage of local fuels and alternative energy sources may turn to us a good ground for mutually beneficial cooperation.
We’ll discuss the questions of high-performance project activity in the field of bioenergetics, hydroenergetics, wind energetics. In view of growing domestic demand for modern energy equipment there will be considered the possibilities of establishment of its productions, taking into account rich traditions and gathered experience of machine-building complex of the Mogilev Region.

- Mogilev and Bobruisk – development of urban areas

Dynamic economic progress of our country leads to the intensive urban growth. The region is ready for a new architectural look of big towns.
We’ll discuss the prospect of urban development, centers of big towns: Mogilev (355 thousand people) and Bobruisk (215 thousand people). It is very likely that hotels, restaurants, business centres, commercial dwelling and other projects will start through your kind involvement in the near future.

- Free Economic Zone “Mogilev” – promising ground for investments

We are sure that the Republic of Belarus will give a new horizon to your business. Owing to the fact that Belarus has come into the Customs Union, working in the very centre of Europe you will open the market of not only one but of 3 countries with population of about 170 million.

The representatives of banks, foreign and Belarusian business companies, regional and republican authorities and Chambers of Commerce and Industry of foreign states are invited to the Forum.

We invite you to take part in the Forum

Program and the place of the Forum will be reported soon.

We are ready to learn your wishes and proposals.


Phone:+375 (222) 32 69 03

Fax: +375 (222) 28 75 11, 32 66 98

e-mail: invest@comecon.mogilev.by, ves@comecon.mogilev.by
A participant form is enclosed

Mogilev Region Executive Committee

Participant form 5th international investment Forum
«Mogilev region – new prospects for investing»

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