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Mogilev water port is based on the river Dnepr. The port obtains 9 diesel tugs, 8 non-self-propelled craft, ZS-06 hydraulic dredge, 3 floating cranes, a non-self-propelled oil transported, 3 excavators, 2 bulldozers and tractors.

The length of the controlled Dnepr stretch is 226 kms. from Selische wharf of Vitebsk region to Sverzhen wharf of Gomel region.

All types of cargoes (construction, forestry, large dimension, etc.) are transported at the ports.

In 2001 195 thousand tons of cargoes were transported, turnover amounted to 2531 ton-kms.

Bobruisk port is on the Berezina river. It specialises in transportation of wood, sand extraction. Total spread of waterways the port services is 369 kms. The port has at its disposal 6 units of tug ships, 24 non-self-propelled ships, 5 port cranes and two sand extracting machines.

In 2001 the port transported 173.5 thousand tons of cargo (160 thousand tons of construction materials).

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