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The week of information


About ten meetings with population have been arranged by the head of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Petr Rudnik for the week. Being an authorized representative of the Presidential candidate Alexander Lukashenko, the governor regularly meets with citizens. Being the governor of the region, Petr Rudnik is solving urgent problems of the population.

The latest session of the governor has proved the fact. A new method of work when collective applications of citizens arrive directly at the governor’s office appears to be very sufficient. Last week there were only 13 of them comparing with 30 citizens’ applications every seven days before the method was adopted. Now most problems are solved either at the meetings with population or as a result of written applications.

At the same time there are the problems which are difficult to solve. Most off them are initiated by citizens themselves. Here is one of the cases. A citizen of Mogilev City Shkodova (the name of the woman is changed because of ethical reasons) is not happy with the actions of local authorities. She is a mother of a big family and has been in a list of citizens who are in need of improving their housing conditions. She is not satisfied with the housing options she has already been proposed. There have been ten of them – the Sputnik micro-district, Fatina Street, Dimitrova Avenue and a number of other options. The woman is constantly complaining to different authorities and committees. But such situations are rather an exception than a rule. Citizens realize that their dialogue with local authorities has become more useful and fruitful. They ask urgent questions and get substantial answers.

This week is very hectic for Petr Rudnik. Today after the session of the Council of Ministers the governor will visit Belynichi district. Tomorrow he has got meetings with citizens of Glussk and Osipovichi districts. He will also have a talk with employees of “Osipovichi Plant of Automobile Aggregates”. On Thursday three meetings are arranged: with citizens of Bobruisk and Bobruisk district, employees of “Belshina”. On Friday Petr Rudnik has a meeting with employees of “Mogoteks”. Only on Saturday the governor will have a short break. On Sunday Petr Rudnik takes part in the Presidential elections.

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