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Mogilev region authorities pay special attention to welfare-related subjects. Thus, Mogilev Region Government's labour and welfare committee follows the state policy controlling the monitoring the observance of the labour law, migration and social security in cooperation with state and private agencies.

In order to provide multi-aspect aid to the needy, Mogilev region has established 25 territorial welfare centres, which receive applications and tackle with emergencies.

There are round-the-clock centres in 9 district, which can host 25-35 persons each. Such centres are intended for permanent or temporary hosting of elderly people.

Harmony regional family centre has created schools for promoting healthy lifestyles, responsible parentship, and OPTIMALIST family tourism.

A total of 62 welfare service centres has been opened in the region's remote settlements.

In order to promote family values and assist in children-parent relations, there has been arranged for parental and marriage guidance bureaus, advisory agencies and amateur associations "Family", "Harmony", "Family Hearth".

Of the region's 9 old people's homes and hospitals for the disabled, there is one in Glussk district for child invalids with advanced mental deficiency and cerebral palsy.

The region's welfare system needs funds to improve the range and the quality of services available. More funds is required for computer and video appliances, furniture, medical equipment, wheel-chairs, handrails and walking sticks. Bikes and off-road vehicles are required to provide aid to disabled and elderly people living in remote areas.

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