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Chigirinskoye Water Basin

Chigirinskoye Water Basin is considered to be one of the most picturesque places both in Mogilev region and in Belarus. It is situated on the Drut River, 30-32 km to the east of Kirovsk Township, not far from the village of Chigirinka.

Chigirinskoye water basin occupies the area of 21.1 square km, its maximum depth is 8.1 m, the length is 12 km, maximum width of the basin is 2,4 km, its water front makes 55 km, the storage is 60 mln cubic m.

Chigirinskoye water basin was founded in 1960 with the energy purpose (Chigirinskaya Power Station), timber rafting, recreational use of water. Its pre-dam banks are abrasive, high on the right hand and flat on the left one. The bottom of the basin is a swampy bottomland of the Drut River. It is mostly covered with peat and silty sand. There is an island of 0.37 square km of area.

The basin freezes at the beginning of December, the ice (55 cm thick) melts in early April. The basin has got a high flowage, waters regenerate within 27 natural days.

Chigirinskoye water basin is for rowing, aqua-motor sports, fishing (bream, pike, dace, perch).

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