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Delegates of Mogilev region elected senators

The sitting of Mogilev region’s local councils of delegates elected the members of the Council of the Republic, the fifth convocation. The interest of Mogilev region at the Council of the Republic will be represented by Petr Rudnik, the chairman of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee; Valery Ivanov, the director general of Belarusian Potassium Company; Vitaly Kostogorov, the director of “Politeks” Company; Nina Kostyan, the headmistress of Bobruisk vocational arts college named after Larin; Elena Krutko, the chief physician of Kirovsk Central District hospital; Igor Marzalyuk, the head of the Archeology and Special History Sciences Department of Mogilev State Kuleshov University; Vladimir Pantyukhov, the chairman of Mogilev Regional Delegates’ Council; Victor Pinchuk, the director of “Agrokombinat “Voshod” (Mogilev district).
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