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Handing out medals to veterans timed to 70th anniversary of Victory

The solemn ceremony of handing out jubilee medals to war veterans took place on February 4 at Mogilev city executive committee. Mogilev region executive committee's chairman Vladimir Domanevsky and chief enlistment officer of Mogilev city military registration and enlistment office Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Kravtsov handed medals timed to the 70th anniversary of Great Victory to 10 veterans. Among them are defendants of Moscow city Nikolai Podshivalenko, Petr Osmolovsky, Alexei Kravtsov, defendant of Mogilev city Leonid Moroz, participants of the Great Patriotic War Victor Yakimov, Yakov Tomashev, Andrei Moiseev, Victor Pankov, Mikhail Loshnets, Mikhail Orekhovsky.

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