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“Leather ball” won by Ivatsevichi “Vympel”

Young football players from Ivatsevichi “Vympel” won the finals of “Kozhanyi Myach” (“Leather ball”) Republican youth competition for the prizes of President Sports Club. The competition was held among young sportsmen (born in 2000-2001) in Mogilev on September, 11-14.

In the final match with “Podrostok” of Shchuchin district sportsmen from Brest region won by two points to nil. “Atlant” representing Shchuchin district of Grodno region won the bronze. Belunichi “Drut” appeared not to compete for the third place, and became the fourth. The fifth and the sixth places were taken by “Leninets” (Leninski city area of Minsk city) and “Olimp” (Sovetski city area of Minsk city) - 3:2.

Vladislav Lyashuk (the goalkeeper of “Atlant”), Alexei Gaida (the full-back of “Podrostok”), Vladislav Lysko (the half-back of “Drut”), Vadim Fedosik (the forward of “Vympel”), Daniil Dovgel (the goal-scorer of “Podrostok”) were pronounced the best players and awarded commemorative statuettes.

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