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Mayor of Mogilev took part in the ceremony dedicated to the Women’s Day

March, 6 Mogilev City held the ceremony celebrating the Women’s day. The White Hall of the Culture and Leisure Centre gathered 30 women – best workers of the region, mothers with many children and ladies who are famous for their public and social activity. The mayor of Mogilev City Stanislav Borodavko congratulated them on the day. Flowers and presents were given to Zinaida Bondarenko and Antonina Shatuhina. They are the Heroes of Socialistic Labour. Nina Meshkova who took part in the Great Patriotic War also got personal congratulations. Among the awarded there were the women- former heads of the enterprises which production was famous all over the USSR – Emma Papsueva and Svetlana Vasilevskaya. The honored citizens of Mogilev- Nina Petrova and Lyudmila Mischenko got flowers and presents too.
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