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Mogilev region held meetings timed to the 29th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster

Solemn meetings timed to the 29th anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station were held in all districts of Mogilev region on April 25. The administration of the city and the region, representatives of public and youth organisations held a moment of silence to commemorate the memory of those who had fought to save people and restore life at the contaminated areas.

A round table talk was held in Dribin district. Its participants analyzed and discussed the events of the first few days that followed the disaster, and people's resettlement to other towns. The alley of 29 chestnuts was planted in Dribin to remind about the tragedy; each tree has a ribbon with the name of the village from which people had been involuntary resettled because of the accident. The memorial stone with the inscription of the date of April 26, 1986 was put in the alley. Partaken in the event were deputy chair of Mogilev region executive committee Valery Malashko, representatives of the district administration, specialists from different fields.

Kostjukovichi held the requiem meeting "Chernobyl is My Country's Grief"; flowers were laid to the memorial sign. A moment of silence was held to commemorate the memory of the Chernobyl victims.

The meeting at the memorial sign also took place in Krasnopolie district; then followed the poetic and music programme "Palyn-Zara". Partaken in the event were Assistant to Belarus President, Chief Inspector of Mogilev Region Gennady Lavrenkov, chairman of the regional Council of Deputies Anatoly Isachenko, the district administration, etc.

Photos from district newspapers "Savetskaya Vioska", "Golas Kastsjukoushchyny", "Chyrvony Stsyag. Krasnapolle".

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