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Mogilev regional executive committee celebrated the prize winner

October, 2 Mogilev regional executive committee celebrated the prize winners of the Olympic Games and Para-Olympic games. The governor of Mogilev region Petr Rudnik presented the diplomas of Mogilev regional executive committee and bonuses to Alexander and Andrei Bogdanovich, silver prize winners in rowing and canoeing. Igor Boki, the champion of the Para-Olympic Games was presented with keys to a new flat in Bobruisk. Coaches of the sportsmen got diplomas of Bobruisk town administration, bonuses and presents. Oleg Shepel, the chairman of the Belarusian Para-Olympic Committee presented Petr Rudnik, the chairman of Mogilev regional administration, a souvenir medal – a copy of the Olympic medal – for his contribution to the Para-Olympic movement development.
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