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"M@rt.contact - 2015" Day Five. "Stolen Happiness"

Drama "Stolen Happiness" staged by the State Theatre for Children and the Youth "Svobodnoe Prostranstvo" (Orel city, Russia) opened the fifth day of the festival. "Stolen Happiness" is one of the world's best plays of the classical Ukrainian playwright Ivan Franko. This is the story of love, jealousy, and revenge.

In the flush of youth Anna and Mikhailo were deeply in love with each other, and wanted to get married. But Anna's brothers got in their road, Mikhailo was recruited and Anna was made to marry another man. Anna lives with her nice husband Mikola whom she doesn't love, and is patient with her unsuccessful marriage. One day her ex-beloved Mikhailo who had returned to civilian life and had become a gendarme appeared in their house. And their love came up with a bang. These three people took a dive into a whirl of love that has no a way out, and this is life and death struggle.

Photo by Eugeniya Alephirenko

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