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"M@rt.contact - 2015" Day Six. "Mitina Lyubov" ("Mitya's Love")

"Mitina Lyubov" ("Mitya's Love") based on Bunin's play was performed at the stage of Mogilev Region Drama Theatre by Saint-Petersburg Drama Theatre "Na Liteinom". The plot is built around sincere and painful inner turmoil of a young man who falls in love for the first. Sinking heart following the first touch of her hand, hesitations after their first quarrels, euphoria from first walks, sudden jealousy, sincere confessions, first touch of her lips and heartbeating, sad thoughts about the deep gulf between the reality and expectations. For the hero of Bunin's novel, love appears to be a terrible ordeal and obsession, bitter and happy moments, that leaves its mark for the rest of the life.

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