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M.@rt.contact-2016. First Day. Love dreams or Balzaminov's Marriage

March 21 held the opening ceremony of the XI International Theater Forum   M.@rt.contact. Boris Svetlov, the Culture Minister of Belarus, and Valery Malashko, chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee, took part in the event.

The first day of the festival showed the performance “Love dreams or Balzaminov's Marriage” by the St. Petersburg theater “Masterskaya”. The performance is based on Whatever You Look for, You'll Find (Za chem poidesh, to I naidesh) by Alexander Ostrovsky.

A spoilt mother's boy Misha Balzaminov is not suitable for life. He lives in the world of dreams and illusions. He appears to be not only a charming but tragic character. The stage director leaves the final of the performance open…

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