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Presentation of the Gobelin tapestry “The Angel with the Coat of Arms of Mogilev”

October, 25 the Museum of the History of Mogilev held a presentation ceremony of the Gobelin tapestry “The Angel with the Coat of Arms of Mogilev”. The tapestry is created by Marina Nesterchuk, an artist from Mogilev. The tapestry shows the picture of the letters patent proving the right of liberty given to Mogilev by Yan III Sobesky, the King of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth John III Sobieski, in 1776. An unknown artist completed the original letters patent with an image of an angel holding the heart of Christ in his one hand and the coat of arms of Mogilev – in his other hand. During the presentation Igor Marzalyuk, the Doctor of History, Professor told about the history of the image. The Gobelin tapestry by Marina Nesterchuk will decorate the conference hall of Mogilev Town Hall.

The event also included presentation of a new museum exhibit – a harpsichord, an analog of a musical instrument popular in the high society of the XVI – XVIII centuries.

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