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Rehabilitation center for the disabled children celebrates 15th birthday

About 100% of graduates of Mogilev vocational and social rehabilitation centre for the disabled children find jobs, Oleg Bakhanovich, director of Mogilev State Economic Vocational Technical college, told at the festive meeting dedicated to the centre’s 15th birthday held on December 27.

The Rehabilitation Centre was established on the basis of the college in 1997; about 650 young people graduated from the centre. This year about 140 students have been trained at 6 specialities: a seamer and an embroideress, a carpenter, a worker of the shoemaking industry, incrustator, etc.

So far there are 8 such centres in Belarus, but the Centre in Mogilev was the first to have been established. Timing to the Centre’s jubilee, the first hall of the history and ethnography museum has been opened by common efforts of the college’s students and teachers.

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