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Youth’s law-and-order units to celebrate their anniversary

February, 6 Mogilev high college of the Ministry of Internal Affairs held celebrations dedicated to the 10th anniversary of youth’s law-and-order units. About 500 people took part in the celebrations – activists of youth’s law-and-order movement from all the country, young people of pre-conscription age, security and law-enforcement agencies’ representatives, the Internal Affairs Ministry’s officials, representatives of the BRSM central committee. They saw the facilities and equipment of the college, learnt more about prospects of the college development. They also took part in the open session of the Republican headquarters of youth’s law-and-order units. The session summed up the activity of this youth’s movement and defined the strategy of future development. The best representatives of youth’s law-and-order units got special badges of the BRSM “For distinction in law and order service”, “Heroism of a soldier” and diplomas.

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