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Zolotoi Shlyager -2011”. Day three. I. Nikolaev and his wife in Mogilev

The third day of the “Zolotoi Shlyager -2011” (Golden Hit -2011) was noted by the concert of Igor Nikolaev and his wife Julia Proskuryakova. In spite of expensive tickets there was a full house. The singers performed both new songs and well-known hits (these made up the largest part of the concert). The audience enjoyed popular music and songs and sang in unison with the artists. In memory of their concert Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova presented a picture “Autumn in Mogilev” to the city. They worked at a special hall of the festival; being guided by the Belarusian artist Anatoly Kotsuba, Igor and Julia proved that they had talents in different fields. At the end of the conference Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova held a brief press-conference for local and republican mass media.

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