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“Dnieper” football team to leave major league

November 19, BATE – “Dnieper” - 1:2. In spite of the fact that “Dnieper” (Mogilev) won over BATE (Borisov) in the match of the 32-d round of the Republic of Belarus football championship, Mogilev football players have to leave the major league. Moglivers’ main competitor “Minsk” made a draw with “Dinamo” (Brest) - 1:1.

128 sportsmen took part in the Open Motocross Cup of Belarus in Mogilev

Last week-end Mogilev held the Open Motocross Cup of Belarus in which 128 sportsmen from Mogilev, Minsk, Osipovichi, Orsha, Grodno, Oshmyany took part. The event finalized this year’s motocross season. It was arranged by the regional DOSAAF Organization and Mogilev City Executive Committee. The contest was held at the “Extreme-park”.

April, 30 Mogilev to hold the first stage of Jeeptrial Cup of Belarus

April, 30 Mogilev holds the first stage of Jeeptrial Cup of Belarus. The information is provided by Evgeny Seliverstrov, the chief of the “Belarusian Automobile Off-road Association”. 30 sportsmen from Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine will take part in the sports event.

The event will start in Sovetskaya square. From there participants will go to the Extreme Park.

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