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“Day without Alcohol”

Selling alcoholic drinks to be restricted in Mogilev on December 15

Selling alcoholic drinks and beer will be restricted at Mogilev shops on December 15, a source in Mogilev city executive committee informed. It is held within the frameworks of the Republican action “Prevention and you!” and aims at preventing crimes and hard drinking.

September, 1 Mogilev region to limit strong drinks sale

To prevent law breaking and drunkenness on September,1 Mogilev region limits strong drinks sale. The measure is also aimed at keeping peace and order in the streets of the region while celebrating the Day of Knowledge. The corresponding decisions were made by Mogilev Regional Executive Committee and Mogilev City Administration.

Klimovichi district to hold the action “Day without Alcohol”

April, 21 Klimovichi district to hold the action “Day without Alcohol”. Retail enterprises, catering service enterprises, sole proprietors will not sell alcohol drinks and beer.

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