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“Pridneprovski” agricultural complex

“Pridneprovski” Agricomplex is about to open Ostrich Ranch

“Pridneprovski” Agricomplex is about to complete the construction of agri-eco-tourist complex Ostrich Ranch situated not far from Medvedovka village (Mogilev – Chaussy motorway). It’s likely to attract a lot of tourists who want to see the world’s largest birds breeding there.

JSC “Agrocombinat “Pridneprovski” opened reconstructed provender workshop and poultry-house for broilers

JSC “Agrocombinat “Pridneprovski” opened reconstructed provender workshop and a poultry-house for broilers; chairman of Mogilev region executive committee Petr Rudnik, head of agriculture and food supplies committee Oleg Chikida, chairman of Mogilev district executive committee Dmitry Goborov partook in the opening ceremony.

In 2012 the ostrich ranch in Mogilev district to welcome tourists

In 2012 JSC “Agro complex “Pridneprovsky” is to construct an ostrich ranch not far from the highway Mogilev-Chausy. The information is provided by Oleg Kashtanov, the director of the complex.

“Pridneprovski” agricultural complex to up its output by 30% in 2012

“Pridneprovski” agricultural complex (Mogilev district) plans to increase its output by 30% in 2012, Oleg Kashtanov, the plant’s director, announces. It will be promoted by a large-scale modernization the plant has undertaken this year. New equipment installed let reduce loses and increase productivity (and even to double it in some departments).

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