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Bridge in Pushkinsky Avenue to be decorated with medallions depicting Mogilev's arms and lion's masks

The bridge over The Dnieper River in Pushkinsky Avenue will be decorated with 118 medallions depicting Mogilev's coat of arms and lion's masks. Installation process has already started. The project has been designed by Mogilev sculptor Andrei Vorobiev.

Reconstruction of the bridge over the Dnieper in Pushkinsky avenue will cost Br250 bln

Reconstruction of the bridge over the Dnieper in Pushkinsky avenue in Mogilev will start in October.

Shmidtovsky Bridge to open the traffic June 21

Shmidtovsky Bridge opens the traffic at 10.00 June 21. The information is provided by Vladimir Tsumarev after the regular extended conference to discuss major repairs of the bridge.

Traffic over Shmidtovsky Bridge to open by June 25

Traffic along one driving lane over Shmidtovsky Bridge opens by June 25. At the moment specialists are busy with dampproofing and protective layer application. The information is provided by Andrei Sasin, the deputy director of the capital construction office of Mogilev city administration.

Bridge in Shmidt avenue (Mogilev) has successfully passed the tests

The bridge in Shmidt avenue (Mogilev) has passed the tests. The construction carried the load of about 250 tons - six loaded trucks simultaneously went over the bridge. The results of the tests were considered to be satisfying; no divergence was revealed.

Traffic over Shmidt bridge will partially open by June 25

A two-way traffic over a part of Shmidt bridge in Mogilev must be resumed by June 25, rather than by early May as it had been planned before, Andrei Sasin, deputy director of capital construction department of Mogilev city executive committee told.

November, 6 to start the traffic over Shmidtovsky Bridge

November, 6 starts the traffic over Shmidtovsky Bridge. The reconstruction of the bridge follows the schedule.

Restored bridge over the Dnieper in Pushkin avenue to be decorated with city’s coat of arms

Restored bridge over the Dnieper river in Pushkin avenue will be decorated with the city’s coat of arms. Granite bowls will be set up instead of stone balls.

Bridge over the Dubrovenka River gets the name of Vilensky

Bridge over the Dubrovenka River gets the name Vilensky Bridge. The decision was made by the Mogilev’s Commission for Toponomy, History and Culture Heritage Perpetuation. 47 citizens of Mogilev applied with the proposal to Stanislav Borodavko, the head of Mogilev City Administration, and their proposal was considered and got positive results.

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