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Bykhov region

Sports and recreation centre reconstructed in Bykhov

The reconstruction lasted for several years, but now the centre looks like a newbuild, though the building is rather old. First it was used for quartering the 57th decorated with the Order of the Red Banner Smolensk navy missile-carrying aviation division. But in 2008 the building was occupied by the sports and recreation centre. And in 2013 its reconstruction began.

Bykhov to hold readings dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the start of the World War I

Bykhov holds readings dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the start of the World War I.

Bykhov to become a satellite town of Mogilev

Bykhov may become a satellite town of Mogilev, the city executive committee's chairman Vladimir Tsumarev expressed told during the planning meeting with representatives of the executive authorities.

Israeli Embassy to help in restoring Bykhov synagogue

The Israeli Embassy in Belarus will provide all kinds of assistance in restoring Bykhov synagogue, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel to Belarus Joseph Shagal told during his meeting with the Chairman of Bykhov district executive committee Dmitry Kaleev on 5 June.

Three major Slavonic guitar schools to be represented at Bard Fishing in Bykhov district

The most famous guitarists of Belarus, Russia, and the Ukraine will arrive to the third interregional music and sports festival “Great Bard Fishing” that will be held on July 26-29 at Grudichino village of Bykhov district, organizational committee of the festival informs.

Bykhov pine trees domesticate Bryansk forests

Bykhov Forestry earned Br 200 mln within 2 weeks by exporting seedling plants and young plants to the Russian Federation. The Forestry will continue cooperation with Russian partners.

Tourists from Switzerland visited Bykhov

Tourists from Switzerland visited Bykhov; one of them - Raymond Guggenheim -come from a family of famous financiers. Raymond Guggenheim came to Belarus to study European heritage and partake in restoration of one of the Belarusian synagogues, either in Slonim or in Bykhov.

Mogilev’s OSVOD to win the first championship in fish soup cooking

Mogilev regional OSVOD organization won the first open championship in fish soup cooking. The information is provided by Sergey Kulyagin, a chief organizer of the festival “Big Bard Fishing” on the Chigirinskoye water storage.


Farmsteads owners to get their Public Council

The first Public Council for agro-eco-tourism development was created in Bykhov (Mogilev region) by the Department for Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of Bykhov District Executive Committee.

Block of flats of new type built in Bykhov

Block of flats of a new type are being built in Bykhov. Instead of central heating for the whole building they have heating system in each flat. Thus, anyone can switch heating on / off any time he/she likes, and have temperature needed. Besides, such system gives 50% of economy.

Mogilev region finished sowing campaign; it’s high time to earn money

At last Mogilev region has almost finished sowing campaign; young crops are successfully sprouting. Potatoes, corn, vegetables will have been sown out by the end of the week. Still, there is no time to relax: much can be done to earn money till harvesting time, - told Petr Rudnik at today’s meeting with heads of district executive committees.

New clothing manufacture opened in Bykhov by “Mogotex”

On May 11 OJSC “Mogotex” opened a new clothing manufacture in Bykhov. Since its foundation in 1973 the enterprise has aimed at dynamic development based on innovations. According to the enterprise’s general director Victor Matievich, “Mogotex” exports its production to more than 20 countries, for example – Poland, Lithuania, Italy, the USA, Serbia, Montenegro, Czechia, Germany, Finland.

Dendrology park laid at Bykhov

Dendrology park with the area of 3.27 ha has been laid at Bykhov, at the crossroads of Sovetskaya street and railway station. Old trees and bushes uprooting, land recultivation and grass lawn planting have already been done.

“Belatmeat” in Bykhov to invest about €15 mln into production development within current 5-year period

“Belatmeat” in Bykhov will invest about €15 mln into production development within current 5-year period, specialists inform.
This year the enterprise founded its own logistics centre. Now it is being equipped with modern facilities that will promote optimizing different stages of production process and improving the quality of work.

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