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CJSC “Zarya”

Mogilev region congratulated combiners who harvested 4,000 tons of corn

August, 15 the field of CJSC “Agrokombinat “Zarya” gathered a number of people. This day Petr Rudnik, the chief of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, congratulated heads of district authorities – the region has coped with 1 mln tons of corn.

Mogilev region agricultural organisations to increase salary and wages by 25% minimum

In 2011 Mogilev region agricultural organisations must increase average salary and wages by 25% minimum, - the chairman of Mogilev region executive committee P. Rudnik told during his today’s visit to CJSC “Zarya” (Mogilev region).

At the same time those money should be earned, for example – by increasing output and sales, labour productivity, saving energy resources, founding competitive up-to-date enterprises, etc. And in this regard “Zarya’s example of initiative and enterprise should be followed”, - the governor told.

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