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Results of 2015: Russia, Poland, Germany - the largest importers of Mogilev region agricultural products

The largest importers of the agricultural products and foodstuffs produced in Mogilev region are Russia, Poland, Germany. The information was provided by the agriculture and food supplies committee of Mogilev region executive committee.

"Mogilevtransmash" shipped the first all-wheel short log truck to Russia

"Mogilevtransmash" plant has shipped the first all-wheel short log truck to Russia. The truck is used to transport short log, tree-length log, lumber, etc. in especially difficult conditions. The plant set up manufacturing of the vehicles that motorize on-and-off loading several months ago.

Mogilev Region-Russian Federation Trade Turnover increased by 2.5% in 2013

In 2013 Mogilev region organisations exported their goods to 73 regions of the Russian Federation. The trade turnover totalled more than $2.6 billion, i.e. grew by 2,5% comparing with the respective period of the previous year, deputy chair of Mogilev region executive committee Victor Necrashevich told at the joint sitting of economic policy, budget and finance commissions of the Parliamentary Assembly of Belarus-Russia Union State.

Mogilev and Bryansk regions sign the cooperation plan for 2013-2014

Mogilev and Bryansk regions worked out the cooperation plan for 2013-2014. The document was signed by the heads of the regions Petr Rudnik and Nikolai Denin during the visit of Mogilev’s delegation to Bryansk region. The information is provided by the press service of the Embassy of Belarus to Russia.

Russia is still the major trading partner of Mogilev region

According to the regional central statistical board, the region’s aggregate export in January-February of 2012 made up $359.4 mln, while import - $336.5 mln. Cost export volume increased almost by 25%, that of import – by 15.7%.

Supply of vegetables to Mogilev region under control

Belarus imports vegetables and fruits from 9 European countries, but the Belarusian firms are still among the major suppliers.

According to the head of nutrition hygiene department of Mogilev regional centre of hygiene, epidemiology and public health Alexander Buzjuk, Mogilev region takes actions to prevent supplies of contaminated vegetables to regional shops.

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