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JSC “Krasny Pischevik”

"Krasny pischevik" started production of zephyr from local apples

"Krasny pischevik" started production of zephyr from local apples, a correspondent of the site was told at the enterprise. Soon it will be on offer in 300 grams' packs. The zephyr under the brand "First Bobruisky" has different tastes: creme brulee, vanila, white and pink, with strawberry, raspberry, and vitamins, black currant, blueberry and cranberry.

JSC “Krasny pischevik“ (Bobruisk) to install new zephyr production line

JSC «Krasny pischevik» (Bobruisk) will install new automatic line producing glazed zephyr, director of the plant Sergei Aniukhovsky told.

“Krasny Pischevik” launches production of import-replacing goods

“Krasny Pischevik” launches production of import-replacing goods. The information is provided by Irina Kurmaz, head of the marketing department of the company.

“Krasny Pischevik” launches a new zephyr producing line

“Krasny Pischevik” launches a new zephyr producing line. Its capacity makes 1.4 thousand tons of zephyr a year. The cost of the line is RUS35 m. At the moment the line works in a 1.5 shift. October starts a double shift. By the end of the year the company will start a three shift regime.

"Krasny pischevik" to take part in international confectionery exhibition

It is for the fifth time "Krasny pischevik" (Bobruisk) will take part in the international confectionery exhibition that will be held in Germany on January 27-30. The factory’s stand will present 30 types of marshmallow, dragée, toffee, fruit jelly and halva, the head of marketing department Anna Gatsko told.

«Krasny Pishchevik» (Bobruisk) to win customers in Cologne

On January, 29 International confectionery exhibition ISM – 2012 opens in Cologne. JSC «Krasny Pishchevik» (Bobruisk) will represent Belarus with a display stand with its branding and slogans. The Belarusians will try to win customers with 30 items of confectionery, including marshmallow, fruit jelly, and “Iriso” candies.

America chooses zephyr and marmalade made in Bobruisk

“Krasny Pischevik” JSC sells its products both in Belarus and abroad. Last year the company began its cooperation with the USA.

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