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Kostiukovichi district

The registry office in Kostyukovichi welcomes the first the newly married couple

July 2 Kostyukovichi opened the registry office. The event was dedicated to Independence Day.

Klimovichi and Kostyukovichi to construct new tenancy houses

This year Klimovichi and Kostyukovichi will construct new tenancy houses. Last year Mogilev region constructed about 20 thousand square meters tenancy houses. The information is provided by the regional architecture and construction committee.

BR26 million to add to the budget through tax officers’ inspection of Kostyukovichi’s cafes

Kostyukovichi’s tax officers used a new inspection method of a time study at a local café. The inspection was not in vain: dutiable gains increased by Br119 million and the local budget got Br25.9 million. Administrative proceedings will be instituted against the café and its workers (Article 13.6, the Administrative Code of the Republic of Belarus). The information is provided by Mogilev region’s tax inspection office of the Tax Ministry.

Church's restoration

Restoration of Svyato-Voznesenskaya Orthodox church (The Ascension Orthodox church) at Zabychanie village of Kostjukovichi district is afloat. The brick laying has already been restored, windows have been set, steeple and dome have been made. The interior and exterior are been restored. The restoration started thanks to the donations made by the region's believers.

Biogas complex producing electric and heat energy to be built in Kostjukovichi district

Biogas complex producing electric and heat energy will be built at Nizki village of Kostjukovichi district. The project was initiated by "Inter regional Energy Company GmbH" ltd, Olga Popkova, deputy head of investment and innovation activities of the economy committee of Mogilev region executive committee informed.

Kostyukovichi district to construct a photo power station

Kostyukovichi district is going to construct a photo power station. The information is provided by the investments and innovations office of the regional economy committee.

2.2 times increase in cement exports by “Krichevcementnoshifer” within 6 months of 2011

PRUP «Krichev- cementnoshifer” reported of 2.2 times increase in cement exports within the 6 months of 2011 (comparing with the respective period of the previous year). Thus, the enterprise’s exports made up $4.7 mln, Alexander Mitin, deputy director in economics, told.

25 people evacuated from “Zhilkommunkhoz” hostel at Kostiukovichi

25 people were evacuated from “Zhilkommunkhoz” hostel at Kostiukovichi , - the correspondent of the site was told in the press-service of Mogilev region department of Ministry of Emergency Situations.

“Souvenir” shop opened at Kostiukovichi Handicraft Centre

“Souvenir” shop was opened at Kostiukovichi Handicraft Centre; works of more than 20 craftsmen are on sale there: embroidering, pottery, wood works and straw works, etc.

In the nearest future Kostiukovichi Handicraft Centre means to open a café that will specialize in the Belarusian cuisine. Its original Belarusian interior will surely attract tourists.

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