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Marathoner from Ukraine a wheelchair-bound invalid Dmitry Vasiltsov finishes in Mogilev

Marathoner from Ukraine the wheelchair-bound invalid Dmitry Vasiltsov finished in Slavy Square, Mogilev. The sportsman was greeted by representatives of the wheelchair-bound invalids’ association, Mogilev’s authorities, school children and journalists.

Bobruisk to hold a marathon to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Bobruisk holds a marathon to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The idea was initiated by the Youth’s Parliament of Bobruisk.

Third charity marathon “Let’s warm children’s hearts” started in Mogilev region

The third regional charity marathon “Let’s warm children’s hearts” started in Mogilev region. The marathon includes New Year and Christmas festivities for children from needy families and adopted children, as well as orphans and the disabled children; volunteers' visits to children's regional hospital and children's departments of tuberculosis and oncological dispensaries.

Stepan Rogovtsov from Mogilev won the international marathon “Friendship”

The third international marathon Friendship which links Belarus’ Grodno with Lithuania’s Druskininkai was held on 28 July. The high-speed distance of the classic marathon, 42.195km, has been officially certified by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

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