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Mogilev city traumatology centre

Early mites’ activation in Belarus

Southern Belarus faces the problem of early mites’ activation. January-Febrary registered the first victims. Aleksey Davydov, chief of Mogilev trauma station, says that Mogilev has not registered any mite bites. But past years kept evidence of mite bites in winter seasons – December.

First “victims” of glare ice in Mogilev region

First “victims” of glare ice were registered in Mogilev region. The accident ward of the regional hospital is overcrowded. The information is provided by the top trauma doctor of Mogilev region Oleg Danilenko.

Rush of patients at Mogilev city traumatology centre

Mogilev city traumatology centre informs of a rush of patients – 892 people applied for assistance at the medical establishment last week (about 130 a day).

The majority of patients suffer from home injuries or contusion. About 5% of a day’s patients need medical help because of ticks’ stings. The rate is not high for this period, specialists stress.

Mogilev sobering-up station was empty on New Year night

Mogilev sobering-up station was empty on New Year night, a source at the medical establishment informed. The reason was vigilance of militiamen who drove the drunk people home or called their relatives to take them home.

New sad record registered at Mogilev city traumatology centre

A new sad record was registered at Mogilev city traumatology centre during the three days of July: about 107–126 injured applied there for help during each of the days, Alexei Davydov, a head of the centre, told.

In Mogilev household injuries are exceeding street ones

Mogilev registers a 10-15% decrease in the number of serious injuries. But the specialists of the local injury center say that the total number of patients has not changed and makes about 100 a day.
The number of fractures has decreased, but there are more contusions and muscle pulls and strained tendons.

Thaw increased the number of trauma patients

Mogilev City Trauma Centre witnesses the increase in the number of trauma patients. The situation is caused by thaw. According to Alexei Davydov, the chief of the Trauma Centre, a daily increase makes 15%.

The number of patients at Mogilev traumatology centre and medical sobering-up station went down

Since last week the number of patients at Mogilev city traumatology centre has gone down. There were about 80 patients per 24 hours the previous week-end, the head of the medical establishment Alexei Davydov told. 50% were the so-called street traumas – contusions, pulled muscles, fractures. On February 5-6 four injured were sent to hospital because of severe traumas.

Within last twenty-four hours 125 injured appealed to Mogilev city traumatology centre for medical aid

Winter season has started at Mogilev city traumatology centre: within last twenty-four hours 125 injured appealed there for medical aid (it stands for 25% increase comparing with usual practice). This year’s first snow and ice happened to have been unexpected for some of the patients, specialists of the centre commented on.

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