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Mogilev city’s population ups by 4000 people in 2014

In 2014 Mogilev city's population increased by 4000 people to reach 374,000. The two main factors having promoted the rise were migration and natural population growth, deputy chairman of Mogilev city executive committee Andrei Kuntsevich told.

Mogilev region’s population at 1,075,600 as of December 1, 2012

Mogilev region’s population was estimated at 1,075,600 as of December 1, 2012; i.e. it decreased by 4500 people, the region’s central statistical board informed.

The number of patients at Mogilev traumatology centre and medical sobering-up station went down

Since last week the number of patients at Mogilev city traumatology centre has gone down. There were about 80 patients per 24 hours the previous week-end, the head of the medical establishment Alexei Davydov told. 50% were the so-called street traumas – contusions, pulled muscles, fractures. On February 5-6 four injured were sent to hospital because of severe traumas.

Woman from Glussk district celebrated 100th birthday

A woman from Borisovshchina village, Glussk district, celebrated her 100th birthday. At present Zinaida Glaz is staying at her daughter’s. the woman got birthday greetings from chairman of Kalatichi rural executive committee Anatoly Rudinski, and was given a new life-long passport.

Enough of local types of fuel to satisfy demands of region’s population in winter period

The region has enough of local types of fuel to satisfy demands of region’s population in winter period, the general director of Mogilev regional public utility enterprise “Obltoplivo” Vasili Shkredov.

Overhaul of housing stock must intensify in Mogilev region

Housing and communal services must intensify the process of overhauling and heating of housing stock in Mogilev region, - deputy chair of Mogilev region executive committee Anatoly Isachenko told during the committee’s sitting.

July 21 – Day of stomatological diseases prophylaxis

Stomatological establishments on a regular basis inform population on different matters of health protection, popularize healthy lifestyle through posters, leaflets and booklets. Such measures aim at reducing the rate of stomatological diseases.

Carious and periodont diseases still have been among the leaders.

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