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Mogilev region cuts down the number of smokers

Mogilev region cut down the number of smokers from 35% to 33.5%. The information is provided by Svetlana Nechai, chief physician of the regional centre of hygiene, epidemiology and public health.

According to specialists, 1.5% represent certain people and their health. More and more women and young people give up smoking.

Leninskaya Street in Mogilev to become a tobacco-free area

Belarus holds an anti-smoking campaign. Mogilev will join the campaign with the action “Leninskaya Street is a tobacco-free area”. The information is provided by the regional centre for hygiene, epidemiology and public health.

A smoker is outside court's jurisdiction

Cigarette ends, dirt and all hell is let loose. That's how our entrance halls look like in a high-tech century. Writing about this situation is embarrassing. But how to impose order? I caught a smoker red-handed in the early January. I made a report and drew a protocol after having examined the scene of the offence, interviewed witnesses. But there was noway of interviewing the offender.

Signal to worry: 38% of Mogilev citizens are smokers

The third Thursday of November holds the World No Tobacco Day. The day is intended to draw attention to the widespread prevalence of tobacco use and to negative health effects. The day has been met with enthusiasm by Mogilev region’s public health organizations. November, 17 Mogilev region holds the information anti-smoking campaign.

“No smoking” areas at Slavgorod

According to the decision of the district executive committee and sanitary service “No smoking” areas appeared at Slavgorod. Smoking is prohibited at the territory of town park in Leninskaya street, children’s park in Oktyabrskaya street and at the town beach. Thus, it’s one of the steps on the road of fulfilling the comprehensive plan on fight against smoking.

“Belarus against tobacco” Republican action May 10–31

On May 10-31 Belarus holds Republican action “Belarus against tobacco”, - Oleg Arnautov, chief sanitary inspector, deputy Minister of Health, told at a press-conference.

This year’s slogan is “Life without tobacco”. The Ministry of Health calls upon different state institutions, executive committees and public organisations to take part in the action.

25 people evacuated from “Zhilkommunkhoz” hostel at Kostiukovichi

25 people were evacuated from “Zhilkommunkhoz” hostel at Kostiukovichi , - the correspondent of the site was told in the press-service of Mogilev region department of Ministry of Emergency Situations.

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