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Br61.7 mln to be paid to budget by illegal taxi-drivers

13 illegal taxi-drivers were revealed by Mogilev region customs officers during 5 months of the current year (including 5 - in Mogilev, 3 - in Bobruik, 3 - in Osipovichi, 1 - in Mstislavl, 1 - in Gorki).

January 1 to make it possible to pay for a taxi drive with a bank card

January 1 makes it possible to pay for a taxi drive with a bank card. The information is provided at the press-conference of the Mogilev regional tax and duties Ministry inspection.

Fines for illegal taxi drivers in Mogilev region to increase to Br12.5 mln

Illegal taxi drivers of Mogilev region are usually punished with fines. More severe measure - car confiscation - isn't imposed, as a rule, chairman of Economic Court of Mogilev region Sergei Kovalev told.

Route taxi drivers' argument

Mogilev route taxi rivers are on the different sides of the fence. After the price rise of public transport fare they can not arrive at the conclusion about route taxi fares. Some of them, including the management of a big non-state enterprise, have upped the fare to make Br7.000.

Fixed-run taxis of Mogilev asking Br2,000 – 2,500 price

What price should fixed-run taxis ask? Tomorrow representatives of carrier companies are having a meeting to find the reasonable answer to the question, and find a ration between their real expenditures and prices for tickets.

Mogilev started female taxi service “KATRIN”

Mogilev started female taxi service “KATRIN”. The information is provided by Tatiana Polosukhina, the director of “KATRIN” Company.
The company employs women-drivers and services only women and children.

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