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Kochanova: Kupalle gives a unique touch of cultural roots

Kupalle festival gives a unique touch of cultural roots and joins the Slavonic peoples, the chairperson of the organisational committee of the large-scale event "Alexandriya Gathers Friends" deputy Belarus Prime Minister Nataliya Kochanova.

A candle was burning on the table

The ceremony “A Candle” is an ancient ceremony of Kostyushkovichi agritownship, Krichev district. This Christmas became an important reason for local residents to gather together at the table, burn candles and pray for health of their nearest and dearest. Pople say that the ceremony protects the residents from evil spirits and problems.

Belarusian felting might be inscribed on UNESCO list in November

In November, 2012 the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage will consider Belarus’ application to inscribe Belarusian felting (“shapovalstvo” - making hand-made felt boots) on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Ancient traditions of making bast shoes revived at Dribin district

Ancient traditions of making bast shoes are being revived at Dribin district. This footwear is considered to be both ecologically clean and medicinal, doctors recommend it to pregnant women.

18 century style wedding ceremony offered in Krichev

18 century style wedding ceremony is offered in Krichev - Krichev registry office is situated at Prince Potemkin’s restored palace.

Newly-wed are met by the Empress Catherine the Great, Prince Grigory Potemkin, servants, skomorokhs (wandering minstrel-cum-clowns) played by actors of district culture department.

Three more objects of intangible historical and cultural heritage in Mogilev region

Three more objects in Mogilev region got the status of intangible historical and cultural heritage.

Shklov Central Library teaches its readers rites to collect herbs

“Ecology. XXI Century” is the name of the project held by Shklov Central Library. The aim of the action is to gather information about ecological problems of the district and inform citizens on safe habitation. The readers of the library can not only read books and gain new knowledge but also relax watching seething water. The herbal tea room provides library visitors with herb tea.

Ancient ceremony “Bryazgun” to be included in the UNESCO’s world non-material values

The ancient ceremony “Bryazgun” is celebrated in Cherikov district on the second day of the Apostles Petr and Pavel’s celebrations. The healing stream which is not far from the village of Norka gathers hundreds of people from Mogilev region, Gomel region and Russia.

Kupalle folk festival at Svyatoe lake in Mogilev

It has become a matter of tradition for Mogilev to celebrate Kupalle folk festival at Svyatoe lake in Mogilev. Guests of the festival partook in different games and contests.

Kupaliye to finish with fire burning

Mogilev will finish Kupaliye Day by fire burning at 22.00. The information is provided by the Oktyabrsky housing area administration.

The program includes a number of events. From 18.00 the ground by Svyatoye Lake opens celebrations: sports games, round dancing. Mogilev bands will give performances.

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