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Rate of children's injuries still high in Mogilev

Summer holidays finished, and children attend kindergartens and schools.  But the rate of children's injuries is still high, doctors say. There are less bike accidents, but more animal and acarian bites.

Thus, every day about 60-75 people apply to Mogilev region children's hospital for medical assistance. 

Sharp increase in bicycle accidents

This summer Mogilev doctors observed sharp increase in bicycle accidents and injuries caused by them. 22 children were sent to Mogilev Children's Hospital, and the highest number of injured was registered in May. 

Mogilev region achieves the best results to down on-the-job injury rate – Malashko

Mogilev region has achieved the best results to down on-the-job injury rate. Valery Malashko, deputy head of Mogilev regional executive committee, told about it to the participants of the Belarusian-Russian conference “To improve labour security culture together”.

Number of children applying for help to Mogilev traumatology centre has increased twofold

The number of children applying for help to Mogilev traumatology centre has recently increased twofold. More and more people get injured while working out-of-doors.

First “victims” of glare ice in Mogilev region

First “victims” of glare ice were registered in Mogilev region. The accident ward of the regional hospital is overcrowded. The information is provided by the top trauma doctor of Mogilev region Oleg Danilenko.

New sad record registered at Mogilev city traumatology centre

A new sad record was registered at Mogilev city traumatology centre during the three days of July: about 107–126 injured applied there for help during each of the days, Alexei Davydov, a head of the centre, told.

In Mogilev household injuries are exceeding street ones

Mogilev registers a 10-15% decrease in the number of serious injuries. But the specialists of the local injury center say that the total number of patients has not changed and makes about 100 a day.
The number of fractures has decreased, but there are more contusions and muscle pulls and strained tendons.

Thaw increased the number of trauma patients

Mogilev City Trauma Centre witnesses the increase in the number of trauma patients. The situation is caused by thaw. According to Alexei Davydov, the chief of the Trauma Centre, a daily increase makes 15%.

The number of patients at Mogilev traumatology centre and medical sobering-up station went down

Since last week the number of patients at Mogilev city traumatology centre has gone down. There were about 80 patients per 24 hours the previous week-end, the head of the medical establishment Alexei Davydov told. 50% were the so-called street traumas – contusions, pulled muscles, fractures. On February 5-6 four injured were sent to hospital because of severe traumas.

Mogilev and the region to record in household traumatism

Mogilev and Mogilev region are recording in household traumatism. Last Monday Mogilev Traumatism Station took 142 patients. The figure exceeds the one of a winter period. July, 23-24 110 and 120 persons became the patients of the Traumatism Station.

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