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Tryoh Svyatitelei Church

Mogilev’s churches to pray for the alcohol-addicted

September 11 churched hold the Temperance Day. The day of beheading of St. John the Baptist all churches of Mogilev region will finalize the Divine Liturgy with public prayers for those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. The information is provided by Mogilev Eparchy of the Belarusian Orthodox Church.

100th anniversary of consecration of the Tryoh Svyatitelei Cathedral

February, 12 the Tryoh Svyatitelei Cathedral celebrates the 100th anniversary of its consecration. The ceremonial public church services will take place on February, 11 at 17.00 and on February, 12 at 9.00. The services will be headed by bishop Mogilevsky and Mstislavsky Sofrony.

Church books, icons, crosses, medals were presented to Tryoh Svyatitelei Church by a stranger

June, 16 Tryoh Svyatitelei Church was cordoned by militiamen. The thing is that after the church service a stranger came up to the priest and saying “It is a present for you” left a big bag. Then he escaped. The situation was rather strange and immediately the militia men were called. Miners and medical workers arrived as well. They searched the bag and found books, icons, crosses, medals.

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