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twin towns

Mogilev and Zhengzhou sign the Cooperation program for 2016-2017

Mogilev and Zhengzhou signed the Cooperation program for 2016-2017. The document includes the main directions of interaction between two cities for the near future.

XIII Open Youth Tournament “Interbasket - 2016” started

The XIII Open Tournament “Interbasket - 2016” among the teams from twin towns and partners opened in Mogilev. Partaken in it are the teams from Mogilev, Penza, Vologda, Smolensk, Zvenigorod.

Chinese Zhengzhou becomes the 16th twin-city of Mogilev

Zhengzhou City – the capital of Henan province (China) – became the 16th twin-city of Mogilev. June 12 the corresponding agreement was signed at Mogilev’s town hall by Vladimir Tsumarev, the chairman of Mogilev city authorities, and Liu Dong, the deputy mayor of Zhengzhou City. Vladimir Tsumarev says that the agreement will guarantee more efficient cooperation in different spheres.

Chausy and Guben become twin-towns

Chausy and Guben (Brandenburg) become twin-towns. Anatoly Matyulin, the chairman of Chausy district authorities, and F.Maro, the acting burgomaster of Guben, signed the cooperation agreement. The event took place within the 8th meeting of twin-towns of Belarus and Germany in Frankfort on the Oder.

Kraslava (Latvia) became the twin town of Gorki (Belarus)

Latvia’s Kraslava has become a twin town of the Belarusian town Gorki. The town twinning agreement was signed during the 2nd Latvian-Belarusian Forum of Twin Towns in Daugavpils on 17-18 May.

Mogilev started the International Youth Basketball Tournament “Interbasket-2012”

Mogilev started the International Youth Basketball Tournament “Interbasket-2012”. The competition is held among the teams of Mogilev’s twin-cities.

Mogilev region’s enterprises and organizations to present their products at the Belarusian goods fair in Tula

The fifth contact-cooperation stock exchange of twin-cities Tula and Mogilev which took place a couple of weeks ago made the agreement on joint exhibitions and fairs.

To follow the agreement December, 2-4 Tula holds the Belarusian goods fair “Mogilevsky Gostinets”. The event is organized by Mogilev Centre of Small Businesses and Tula’s Trading House “Akkord”.

Mogilev started the Youth Basketball Tournament “Interbasket-2011”

Mogilev started the VIII Youth Basketball Tournament “Interbasket-2011” among its twin towns. Young sportsmen (born in 1996 and younger) from Penza, Zvenigirod, St-Petersburg (Russia) and Nikolayevka (Ukraine) came to take part in the sports event. The tournament will also include foul shot and “three-pointer” contests.


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