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New houses and females for Mogilev zoo's camel and maral as New Year presents

Mogilev zoological garden held a housewarming party for camel Jamāl, elks and maral. The animals moved from their open-air cages into nice houses, looking like real comfortable cottages, the director of Mogilev agroforest engineering college Georgy Malinovski told.

Euro-2012: bear Fedya from Mogilev predicts the results of the matches

Bear Fedya from the Mogilev Zoo predicts the results of the matches of Euro-2012. Bear Fedya was right to predict Russia’s victory over the football team from Czech. He also managed to predict Spain and Italy’s draw game.

A tigress and a camel family to appear in the Zoo not far from Mogilev

This year the zoo which is not far from Mogilev will get a tigress and a camel family. The zoo has already got over 200 animals.

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